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Annual Time Request Form

  • Employees may not take a day off that falls after or before a holiday.

  • Employees may not take vacations consecutively back to back.

  • Additionally, no two employees can take the same day/week off or consecutive weeks.
    (ex: if an employee has the first week of the month off, another employee may not take the second week - they must wait for the third week.)

  • Each employee shall be responsible for submitting in writing on the appropriate required form to the employee's supervisor a request to use Annual Time. Approval must be provided before annual time is allowed to be taken.

  • All time off of 30+ hours must be approved at least 2 weeks prior to requested time.

  • Any time off less than 30 hours will be approved at manager's discretion.

Annual Time off may be requested for the following reasons:

  • Personal Time Off

  • Vacation Time

  • Leave Early (a need arises)

Please fill out below and submit for approval

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