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Innovative Air offers a multitude of services for our customer to choose from

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Start-up Service/On-Site Evaluations

Many times our customers would like a factory representative on site during initial start-up to provide assistance and to ensure the system is commissioned without any headaches. In addition to on site factory start up, IAT also invites all of our customers to visit the factory and witness their unit in the final testing stages free of charge so they can get hands on training on their equipment. There is nothing better than being able to work on the equipment before it ships. Then onsite start up is a breeze. We can even make changes for the customer if they desire before the equipment ships.

Dehumidification Seminars

Whether you are new to desiccant systems or need a refresher course on Psychometrics, we are excited about providing seminars that not only detail our equipment but also display how to care for your dehumidifier and how it applies to your specific industry. Give us a call today to schedule your personalized seminar.

Technical Assistance

Whether it is on site, over the phone, email, or video conference, we are committed to providing our customers the service they need to feel comfortable with their dehumidification system, phone, email, video conferencing support is always free and always will be. Our technical support team who take technical calls have been manufacturing this equipment for decades and usually have personal experience testing your dehumidifier.

Replacement Parts

Need replacement parts and need them fast? IAT stocks most items and can have it on your doorstep the next morning in most cases. We utilize standard easy to find components so replacement is a breeze. Contact us today with your model number and/or serial number and we’ll work with you to get your dehumidifier back up and running. Or you can click here to fill out the simple replacement part form where you can even upload a picture of the needed part.

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