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Core Values

We believe in something bigger, something greater than ourselves.

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Enriching Lives

We exist to solve our customer's problems and enrich the lives of others. We are a customer service company, we just happen to build dehumidifiers.

Quality Matters.png

Quality Matters

If our equipment doesn't perform, then we are not solving problems, we are creating them.


Integrity is Key

We believe that character matters, all the time.

Golden Rule.png

Golden Rule Mentality

Treat others including the company and the customer the way you'd want to be treated.

Colossians 3-23.png

Colossians 3:23

We work hard, and we play hard, for the Lord.

Have Fun.png

Have Fun

A career doesn't have to be work.


This company is a Team

We win together, we lose together. We work together as a team to accomplish remarkable things that we could not do alone.

Innovative Thinking.png

Innovative Thinking

We are committed to building a company full of 3 dimensional thinkers.

Clean is King.png

Clean is King

A cleans workspace is an efficient workspace.

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