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IDP Series

50 - 30,000 CFM

Integrated Dehumidification Package

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Some customers require a dehumidification system that can handle the task of all different aspects of air treatment.  Instead of a stand alone dehumidifier that has to be coupled with other forms of air treatment, we merge these  components into one convenient package for the customer.  This saves the customer from overspending and over designing the system. With the difficulty of multiple design aspects left to us, the customer can put the focus back on their business.

The IDP Series is specifically designed to go the extra mile in total temperature and humidity control. We utilize all available options to give you the complete integrated dehumidification system you need.

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Please see our capabilities below and our photo gallery to the right and Contact Us today to get started designed your custom desiccant system.

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  • Innovative, One source controls for the entire system with our iControl PLC packages

  • Tailored to Customers exact requirements

  • Extremely Easy to Service

  • Dewpoints as low as -100F

  • Total Temperature and Humidity Control



  • Turnkey systems make the headaches of integrating multiple systems a thing of the past

  • Each dehumidifier is custom built to your exact needs. No cookie cutter designs from other manufacturers

  • Smaller footprint compared to competition

  • Our dehumidifiers are very easy to maintain and service

  • Every unit is factory tested before shipment


  • Custom Integrated components

  • Specialty Coatings

  • HEPA Filtration

  • Unique PLC package options

  • UV Lights for anti-microbial applications

  • Temperature Coils (DX, chilled/hot water, Steam)

  • Many, Many more...

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