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iControl PLC

Total control of your dehumidification system

Simplicity guaranteed

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iControl is designed and built to give you all the
information about your desiccant dehumidification system in one convenient place while offering superior energy savings during non peak times. Whether it’s remote access control, touch screen integration or data logging you’re concerned about, IAT’s iControl will exceed your PLC expectations. Our custom iControl PLC system can be custom designed specifically for your company’s control and monitoring needs. We offer a number of different options to cater to your specific automation needs. Some of them include:

  • Multiple I/O Module options. Discrete and analog.

  • Screen sizes from 6” up to 15”.  Color and Mono

  • Remote data acquisition system.

  • Data logging capabilities.

  • Easy Ladder Logic programming.

  • Multiple Communication Modules.


Contact us today to get started addressing your current  humidity control challenges with iControl.

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  • Energy Control Features cut energy usage by up to 50%

  • Total control of your dehumidifier in one place

  • Simple troubleshooting

  • Communication Protocols available

  • 3 Options available

    • iControl Basic​

    • iControl Premium

    • iControl Ultimate with iControl Portable

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  • Easy to use Color touchscreens

  • Remote access is available for troubleshooting from IAT's factory

  • Re-programming is available saving costs when projects change or update

  • Installation and Set up are a breeze

  • Very Cost effective compared to competitors products

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