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Corrosion Prevention
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IAT dehumidifiers are in use in countless industries worldwide. Our customers are involved in unique and exciting applications such as: food processing, pharmaceuticals, AeroSpace exploration, ice rinks, chemical processing, water treatment plants, test rooms, libraries, museums, and many more. Innovative Air Technologies is proud to maintain an excellent reputation within  these industries by complete customer satisfaction through on-time deliveries, defect free material, and impeccable service. Below are the 6 main categories for desiccant dehumidification use. If you don't see your field listed within these categories, please contact us and we'll work with you to design a system that is perfect for your application.

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Moisture Regain Prevention

Typical Applications for Moisture Regain Prevention Include:

Condensation Prevention
Mold/Fungus Prevention
Moisture Regain Prevention
Product Drying
Dry Cooling
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