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Portable Series

600 - 10,000 CFM

Dehumidifiers designed to be "on the go"!

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With portability being an important issue to contractors and people on the go, Innovative Air Technologies has designed a line of dehumidifiers that can go anywhere and stand up to the toughest challenges planet Earth has to offer.

Our Portable/Restoration Series Dehumidifiers are fully customizable to your standards. We don’t manufacturer one cookie cutter design and make it work for you. You are in control of what options are selected for your Portable Series dehumidifier. Whether it is external skid, lockable drawers, custom color change, or private label options, you control the design.

Standard applications include Disaster Restoration, Military Mothballing/Layup, Mobile Freeze Drying, Office Flooding, and much more. Contact us today for more information.

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  • Can get to the most demanding places on Earth

  • Extremely Easy to Service. Hinged Access Panels to each and every component

  • High Static Pressure Fans ensure you never run out of Dry Air even on long runs

  • Total Temperature and Humidity Control



  • Low Lead-times

  • Customized by you

  • Serviceability

  • In stock replacement parts ensure you aren't without your equipment


  • Lockable Drawers

  • Stainless Steel Options available

  • Custom Paint Options

  • Casters

  • Custom External Skids

  • Custom back lit logos

  • High Static Pressure Fans

  • Cable Management options

  • ...and many more

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