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Sequence of Operation

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Enable the dehumidifier by moving the selector switch "SW1" to the ON position, or by moving the selector switch to the AUTO position and closing the external run.

Once enabled:
· "CR1" and "G" (Unit On) Pilot Light will energize.

"CR1" supplies power to "CR1" (Process Motor RUN). When the Process Fan runs, "PS1" (Normally Open Pressure Switch) will close, energizing "TAS1" (High Temperature Limit Switch), "HC1" (Heater Contactor), and "A" (React On) Pilot Light. "CR1" will simultaneously energize "MTR2" (React Motor) and "MTR3" (Wheel Motor).

The following sensors are found on the machine or field installed
· Process Air Flow Pressure Switch (N.O.)
· Reactivation High Temperature Switch (N.C.)
· Reactivation Low Temperature Switch (N.O.)

Pilot Lights on Unit
The following indicator lights are installed on the unit:
· Unit running pilot light (GREEN)
· Reactivation Heat enabled pilot light (AMBER)

Control Devices on Door
· ON OFF AUTO Selector Switch

If you require further assistance, please contact the designated members of our team below, and we will prioritize your request for a swift response.

Field Service Manager - (678) 216 - 9548


General Manager - (404) 569 - 0009


Office - (770) 788 - 6744


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