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Rotor Series

600 - 30,000 CFM

Larger Flagship Dehumidifiers

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The Rotor Series dehumidifier is equipped with a high capacity vertical desiccant wheel and is designed for the larger, more challenging applications than the smaller Compact Series.

Typical applications include food processing, Product Drying, Water treatment plants, and a host of other applications where larger CFM’s are needed.

The Rotor Series is equipped with an internal aluminum skeleton that ensure ultimate rigidity throughout the dehumidifier that provides long term durability. Large hinged access panels into every compartment allow easy maintenance on each and every components.

Our Dehumidifiers come factory tested so installation is a breeze with only duct and electrical hook up in most cases.

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  • Tailored to Customers exact requirements

  • Extremely Easy to Service with quick access panels to every compartment

  • Dewpoints as low as -100F

  • High capacity desiccant wheel with superior chain drive.
    No more replacing belts!

  • No more Fuses! Circuit Breakers only

  • Add any options to make it an IDP system. Coils, Controls, Specialty Filtration. We Design it, you Approve it, We Build it



  • Short Leadtimes

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Customizable designs

  • Direct Drive fans. No belts to break or change out

  • Controls are a breeze to work with

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