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Terms & Conditions

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Quotations And Orders:
Written quotations are firm for thirty days. Verbal quotations are valid only on the day which they are made. Typographical and clerical errors in quotations or order acknowledgments are subject to correction. Prices in published price lists or other literatures are not offers to sell by the company and are subject to confirmation by specific quotation. Published prices and discounts are subject to change without notice. All orders are received subject to acceptance at the main office of Innovative Air Technologies Inc., Covington GA (herein known as IAT). Subject to Credit Approval and acceptance of IAT Standard Terms & Conditions.

Terms Of Payment:
Unit terms are 40% with order, 60% prior to shipment, and unless otherwise stated. Upon approved credit payment terms are due Net 30 days or 2% Net 10 days, unless otherwise stated. Payment must be received on or before N10 due date to receive discounts; this applies to 2%Net10 terms. A service charge of 2% will be charged on all invoices paid after the due date. Parts require pre-payment, unless otherwise stated. IAT reserves the right to negotiate special terms on any order. On multi equipment orders, invoices will be issued on shipments of major items individually, or several items may be grouped and invoiced, prior to completion of entire project. . International shipments and orders are required to pre-pay by wire transfer unless otherwise approved by IAT.

Shipments, unless otherwise noted, are F.O.B. Origin – Freight by Customer/Collect. Truck carrier must be specified by customer or FedEx Freight will be used. Shipment promises are made in good faith. Lead time quoted subject to availability of stock material. Shipping dates are approximate and are based upon prompt receipt of all necessary information regarding the order. Title and risk of loss shall pass to the buyer upon shipment. All shipments are collect with method and routes selected by IAT unless otherwise specified. Special care is exercised in packaging/crating for shipment and in selecting carriers with concurrent, through rates; however, IAT assumes no responsibility for delay, breakage, or damage after having made delivery in good condition to the carrier. All claims for breakage and damage should be made directly to the carrier as soon as the product arrives at customer’s location. IAT shall be anxious to render all possible assistance in securing satisfactory adjustments to such claims.

Prices And Deferred Shipments:
Prices are based on normal, undelayed, shipping permission and are subject to escalation as follows: All prices quoted are effective on date of quotation and materials ordered at quoted prices will be invoiced at current price effective at time of shipment, unless otherwise agreed to by customer and IAT. Prices of equipment for deferred shipments shall be negotiated prior to order acceptance by IAT.

The purchaser shall pay any excise, sales, privilege, use, local, state, or federal taxes and licenses which are payable because of the execution of a contract for the sale or shipment of the equipment or parts hereby described. Payment is to be made by the purchaser direct to the purchaser’s tax authorities.

Illustrations And Details Of Design:
The illustrations and sketches in our sales catalog are intended to show the general features and arrangement of our equipment in our latest construction. We reserve the right to change minor details or construction of this equipment, if in our judgement it is to the purchasers and IAT best interest and does not interfere with the operation and life of the equipment.

Cancellation And Charges:
No cancellation or order change will be accepted after orders are entered into production. At IAT’s option, changes or cancellation may be made upon payment, totaling a 25% cancellation fee/restocking fee, and or a $25 a day storage fee. Which take in account expenses already incurred and commitments made by IAT.

Orders are accepted by us under the conditions that we are not to be liable for losses, detentions or delays occasioned by accident, strikes, fires affecting our operations or the operations of our suppliers or any other causes beyond our control and no damages or secondary charges, of any nature, for delay in shipment will be allowed. Damage resulting from improper storage or handling prior to placing equipment in service will not be considered as our liability. We will not assume any responsibility, expense or liability for repairs or alterations to products without our prior written consent. No claims for contingency liability or consequential damages will be recognized or allowed by us.

Installation And Start-Up Service:
Equipment will be installed by and at the expense of the purchaser unless otherwise stipulated. IAT will furnish, on request, the service of qualified Engineers for supervising the installation and instructing the purchaser’s personnel regarding the proper installation and operation of the equipment. This service is recommended on the IDP series products and charges for this service, including board and traveling expense, are to be paid by the purchaser. IAT assumes no responsibility for the installation and/or operation of the equipment herein specified unless installed, started, and operated in complete accordance with our instructions or under Supervision of one of IAT’s Start up Engineers.

This warranty is given in place of all other warranties and assurances, whether expressed or implied.
IAT warrants that the equipment to be shipped hereunder shall be of the kind and quality described in our specifications/quote and free from defects in workmanship and material. If any failure to comply with these specifications appears, within two years from the date of shipment, the purchaser must notify IAT thereof as soon as practical and IAT Inc. shall thereupon correct the defects by repair or by replacement F.O.B. shipping point of the defective component(s) providing such defects are not caused by operating abuse, neglect, erosion, corrosion, via major and other similar catastrophic causes. This warranty is for two years on components from the date of shipment from IAT. The liability of IAT (except on warranty of title) arising out of the supplying of said equipment or its use, whether on warranties or otherwise, shall not in any case exceed the cost of correcting defects in the apparatus above set forth, and upon expiration of said two years, all IAT’s liability shall terminate. IAT shall not in any event be liable for indirect or consequential damages. IAT shall not assume any expense or liability for repairs made to the subject equipment outside of its plants, without IAT’s written consent. Upon receiving IAT’s written consent a “no cost” purchase order can be submitted for IAT’s approval with allowances set for labor (if applicable) that shall not exceed the cost of correcting such said defect within the said one year warranty. IAT’s warranty hereunder or as otherwise mentioned above covers its own products only and does not extend to failure and performance due to defects in any associated and related equipment. Any materials, apparatus or equipment not herein specified will be furnished by the purchaser. The Start-up report included in the Installation, Operation, and Maintenance manual is required to be filled out and sent back to IAT (fax #770-788-6744 or email: within 45 days of shipment from IAT (ship date normally stated on Model # Label located on the electrical box). Failure to send start-up report(s) may void warranty. Warranty for component(s) included in the dehumidifier (ex: pilot lights, motors, seal, heaters, etc.) will be replaced upon receipt of required “no cost” purchase order and warranty form filled out completely and reviewed by IAT and approved. All defective component(s) must be sent back to IAT to avoid further charges. If component(s) for replacement are not received within two (2) weeks of the warranty item’s ship date the warranty item will be billed to the customer. Component(s) such as desiccant, filters, coatings, labels, are not covered under product warranties. If these items are neglected and not maintained properly, the warranty will be voided.

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