iPak Series

200 & 400 CFM

Industrial Storage Dehumidification Systems

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The iPak Series Dehumidifier was designed around Munitions Storage applications where temperature and humidity control was a problem. Instead of having two or more separate systems installed, the iPak is a one stop solution that also fits the intrinsically safe application.

Most Munitions Storage applications require 72F and less than 40% RH to eliminate corrosion on the munitions as well as comfort cooling/heating for the personnel involved.

The iPak Dehumidifier comes in two sizes that will certainly fit your Munitions storage requirements: 200 and 400 CFM models.

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  • Extremely Easy to Service

  • Single source for temperature and humidity control

  • Tough Rugged Design

  • Total Temperature and Humidity Control


  • Small footprint

  • Total temperature and Humidity control in one easy to use system

  • Headache free installation. The units bolt to the side of the wall. Only ductwork and electrical is needed


  • 50F & 100F reheat options for low ambient winter locations

  • Alarm contacts for failures

  • Different voltage options available

  • 200 & 400 CFM models



Typical iPak

Flow Diagram


Unit Outline


Unit Outline