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Benefits of Desiccant Dehumidification for Successful Cannabis Farming

When it comes to indoor cannabis farming, success isn't just about having a green thumb. It's about creating the perfect environment where your plants can thrive. This means dealing with constant changes in temperature and dehumidification loads.

Let's explore the challenges of indoor cannabis farming and the critical role dehumidification systems play in ensuring a bountiful harvest.

Innovative Air Technologies desiccant dehumidifiers creates the optimal environment for cannabis farming, as well as, applications such as food processing, marine drilling and long term munitions storage.
Cultivating cannabis: where art and science converge to nurture nature's delicate masterpiece.

Cannabis plants are a bit finicky when it comes to their ideal growing conditions. They need artificial light to thrive, which is fantastic for their growth but has an unintended consequence – it raises the temperature of the grow space.

Heat generated by the lights becomes the largest sensible cooling load that the HVAC system(s) must combat.

Another factor that impacts the indoor environment is plant evapotranspiration. This is the evaporation of water from the plant into the atmosphere (or surrounding space).

As cannabis plants are watered and grow, they naturally release moisture through their leaves. This process not only cools the grow room through evaporation but also adds humidity to the air.

On one hand, this process contributes to the largest latent dehumidification load in the space, which is crucial for maintaining the right humidity levels. On the other hand, it reduces the sensible cooling load by cooling the room through evaporation.

Cannabis Farming
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This combination creates a dynamic where the HVAC system must address both cooling and dehumidification simultaneously.

The challenge: Simultaneous cooling and dehumidifying.

Here's where things get interesting. The interaction between sensible and latent loads can result in a "sensible heat ratio" (SHR) of less than 0.50%. In the world of conventional refrigerant-based HVAC systems, these systems typically perform optimally at an SHR of 0.80% or higher. When the SHR dips below this threshold, it can lead to operational issues, affecting the system's performance and control.

The solution: A tailored, engineered desiccant dehumidification systems with custom cooling features becomes paramount.

The grow room needs a system designed to address both sensible and latent loads efficiently, ensuring the indoor environment sustains the ideal conditions for maximum crop yield.

In David Schurk’s article in HPAC Engineering Magazine, he delves into the importance of engineering HVAC systems for grow rooms. These systems are the backbone of sustainable and cost-effective cannabis cultivation.

Innovative Air Technologies desiccant dehumidifiers creates the optimal environment for cannabis farming, as well as, applications such as food processing, marine drilling and long term munitions storage.
Cannabis greenhouse

By regulating both sensible and latent loads, they create an environment where your crops can flourish and provide desired yields.

Whether you're a seasoned cannabis farmer or just getting started, understanding the crucial role of HVAC systems in your grow room is the first step to a successful harvest.

Indoor cannabis farming is a science, and with the right environmental controls, you can achieve the perfect conditions for your plants to thrive.

If you're looking to improve your cannabis cultivation efforts, it might be time to take a closer look at your HVAC/Desiccant dehumidification system.

Not sure what kind of dehumidification system will fit your needs? Email us at

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